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What is mySPARC?

A journey of documenting your learning and growth. Starting in Grade 7 and continuing until graduation you will build yourself a snapshot and a highlight reel of learning, skills, experiences, reflections, and competencies over your six years as a REGAL. 

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What is a digital hub?

The mySPARC digital hub is available to all SPARC students. From developing a digital portfolio of work and expertise, tracking progress towards goals, and online courses, the mySPARC digital hub is one cohesive place for SPARC students to track and develop their personal goals.

There are 4 parts to the mySPARC Journey:​

Digital Portfolio

Showcasing growth in academic learning, participation in Pillar Activities, and reflection on learning experiences.

Growth Transcript

Your proficiency and acquisition of the 6 global competencies as measured by the Deep Learning framework rubrics (Quinn et al. #).

Personal Profile

Completed in Grade 9. You'll gain insight into your personality.

Faculty Advisor

As you gravitate towards your passion and interests, you will be organically matched with a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor facilitates course selection and achieving balance.

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The exploration and reflection of your strengths, interests, and passions within a community setting. Develop personal goals.

Experiences vary from Grades 7-12 including grade-level retreats, MC3 initiatives, Goals for Girls, etc.