4 Pillars of Student Success

With our holistic pillars of academics, athletics, actions, and arts, we empower students to Reach UP starting in Grade 7 to explore and discover all of the amazing opportunities in our school to bring them balance and peace.


Each student will play an integral part in designing their academic future.


Students will have a wide range of required and interdisciplinary courses available to them as co-authors of their education.


SPARC, R.A.C.E., SHSM, AP, interdisciplinary studies, Reach AHEAD!, and Co-Op.


Each student will embrace a form of physical activity that is geared towards their own unique interests.


Students will strive to develop leadership skills and a keen awareness of balancing both physical and mental health.


Outdoor Ed., fitness, team sports (competitive and recreational), individual athletic opportunities, and skill development.


Each student will explore their responsibility as a global citizen and community leader.


Students will develop a deep understanding of diverse values and world views, with a genuine interest and ability to solve complex, real-world problems leading to greater social capacity and empathy.


Clubs, Councils, Community Service, Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership.


Each student will be involved in an artistic pursuit.


Students will endeavour to develop an artistic form of self-expression to foster their emotional health.


Concert Band, Jazz Band, String Orchestra, Guitar, Creative Writing, Photography, Visual Arts, Indigenous Art, Fashion, Interior Design, Film Production, Drama, and Music Theatre.