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SPARC was designed to bring out the best in our students. We will focus on developing balance in your mental, physical, emotional, and social health.  


SPARC students are passionate and driven, they're willing to make mistakes and get messy in the learning process and they ask big questions to drive their learning.

SPARC offers students a truly unique learning experience fostering whole-girl development, real-world learning, and enriched experiences in both academic and co-curricular programming. It will enable our students to plan, monitor, and assess their understanding and performance, including a critical awareness of their thinking and learning.

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Reach AHEAD! in your favourite subjects, develop your skills in the six Global Competencies, and reflect on what makes you such an amazing student!


Once accepted into your SPARC focus you'll gain access to the mySPARC digital hub to track and monitor your learning and you'll unlock iSPARC courses that match up perfectly with your interests!


In Grade 11, transfer your knowledge and skills directly into SPARC spotlight and work toward one of Marymount Academy's four SHSM programs to earn a special Red Seal on your Diploma.  


Graduate knowing who you are, where you're going, and how you'll get there.

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Disce ut Vivas

Global Competencies

Design Your Future





Design Your Future

Our students design their future. They Reach AHEAD in their area of interest with focussed programming in Science, Athletics, or Arts in Grades 8-10 leading to our Specialist High Skills Majors in Grades 11 and 12.

Graduate not only with strong academics but also with a  profound understanding of who you are and where you are going. 

Deep Learning is quality learning that sticks with you for life. (NPDL

Develop proficiency in the 6 Cs by using measurable objectives to track your growth across the skills and attributes required for your future.

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Reach OUT act, lead & inspire with your passions.

Mash-up your interests in iSPARC to co-author your education through interdisciplinary learning.

SPARC students create a foundation of well-being by balancing their mental, physical, social, and emotional health.


Each student will play an integral part in designing their academic future.


Students will have a wide range of required and interdisciplinary courses available to them as co-authors of their education.


SPARC, R.A.C.E., SHSM, AP, interdisciplinary studies, Reach AHEAD!, and Co-Op.


Each student will embrace a form of physical activity that is geared towards their own unique interests.


Students will strive to develop leadership skills and a keen awareness of balancing both physical and mental health.


Outdoor Ed., fitness, team sports (competitive and recreational), individual athletic opportunities, and skill development.


Each student will explore their responsibility as a global citizen and community leader.


Students will develop a deep understanding of diverse values and world views, with a genuine interest and ability to solve complex, real-world problems leading to greater social capacity and empathy.


Clubs, Councils, Community Service, Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership.


Each student will be involved in an artistic pursuit.


Students will endeavour to develop an artistic form of self-expression to foster their emotional health.


Concert Band, Jazz Band, String Orchestra, Guitar, Creative Writing, Photography, Visual Arts, Indigenous Art, Fashion, Interior Design, Film Production, Drama,

and Music Theatre.

Disce ut Vivas

Built by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1956, Marymount College established itself as Sudbury's only all-girls' Catholic school. In 1999, Marymount College evolved and became Marymount Academy, extending its programming to Grades 7-12. Throughout its history, Marymount has been known for a long-standing tradition of excellence, female empowerment, and community leadership.

As experts in girls’ learning, the foundation of our vision is reflective of our school motto “Learn that you may live.” Building on our outstanding history, Marymount Academy continues to be at the forefront of inspired education by offering a new specialized program for students in grades 8-10, SPARC.



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